On 15 March 2023, Legislative Decree 24/2023 was published on the protection of persons who report violations of national and European provisions (Whistleblowing Decree).
Pizeta Pharma S.p.A., in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and the relevant guidelines, has activated an internal reporting channel using electronic methods through the web platform “Legality Whistleblowing/Segnalazioni.net”, which allows both written and oral reports to be submitted, ensuring, also through the use of encryption tools, the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting person, the person involved and the person in any case mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and the related documentation.
In compliance with the regulations in force, Pizeta Pharma S.p.A. also guarantees the possibility of making reports through a direct meeting with the Designated Department, to be scheduled as soon as possible following the express request of the whistleblower.

The reports may concern the following violations of which the whistleblower has become aware in the context of work and which are detrimental to the public interest and the integrity of the entity. Specifically:
– unlawful conduct that is relevanti under Legislative Decree 231/01
– violations of Model 231 adopted by the Company.
Reports related to a personal interest of the whistleblower, which relate to their individual employment relationships, or inherent to employment relationships with hierarchically superior figures, are excluded from the protection provided for by the whistleblowing legislation and will not be taken into consideration, given that the legislation in question aims to protect the integrity of the legal entity.

Reports can be made by employees and by those who have established types of legal relationships other than those of employment in the strict sense (e.g. consultants, collaborators, volunteers, trainees, etc.), even in the event that the employment relationship has ended, if the information reported has been acquired during its development, or has not yet begun, if the information on violations was acquired during the selection process or in other pre-contractual phases.

The Company has identified the Supervisory Body (SB) appointed pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 as the Designated Department in charge of managing the channel and the reports received. The SB is autonomous and has received adequate professional training in the management of Whistleblowing Reports, as well as in the protection and security of personal data.

The procedures for sending and managing reports are described in the specific Procedure published on the platform for sending reports.