Mod. D. Lgs. 231

Organization Model and Code of Ethics

Pizeta Pharma spa has always pursued a corporate philosophy based on corporate values, in the management of corporate activities based on the value of EFFICIENCY, HONESTY AND LOYALITY, in every daily work process.

Pizeta Pharma spa has adopted the Organization and Management Model based on Italian Legislative Decree n° 231/2001, which introduced a regime od administrative/ criminal liability charged on the companies for some types of crime as required by the n°231/2001 Legislation Decree, adapting and integrating its organization system to the requirements of this legislation.

The Model adopted consists in a series of elements: evaluation of the activities that are potentially exposed to risk; principles, norms and rules of conduct; control instruments; control procedures and protocols; training and information activities; disciplinary system; Supervisory Board and information flows.

The Model has the main purpose of ensuring the prevention of committing the crimes indicated by the n° 231 /2001 Legislation Decree.

The Organization, Management and Control Model based on n° 231/2001 Legislation Decree, was formally approved by Pizeta Pharma spa Board of Directors with resolution of 02 September 2019.

The principles, provisions and requirements set out in the Model adopted by Pizeta Pharma s.p.a. are binding for directors, employees and for all persons who, for various reasons, operate on behalf and in the interest of the Company.

Pizeta Pharma spa has also adopted a CODE OF ETHICS that defines the set of values that the Company recognizes, accepts and shares, at all levels, in the business activities conduct.

The principles and provisions of Code of Ethics are  exemplary specifications of general obligations of diligence, honesty and loyalty that qualify the job performance, the behavior in the workplace and the activities of the Company itself.

The Code of Ethics of Pizeta Pharma spa was adopted by the Board of Directors on 02 September 2019.

In compliance with art. 6, § 1, lett. B) of Legislative Decree n° 231/2001, with the same resolutions of  Board of Directors (02 September 2019), the Company established and appointed its own Supervisory Board, with its own powers of initiative and control and with the role to supervising the correct functioning and compliance of the Model, taking care of its updating.

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